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The Kinky FailMedic [userpic]

I've Moved!

November 16th, 2009 (04:13 am)

To Dreamwidth! With a new-old name! For greater internet continuity! Not totally yet, but I'm tired of being one of those people with a different username here, there, and everywhere. I am me! So, a change has come!

All new updates of comics scans, fanfic... anything you'd find here will now be appearing at the shiny new journal:

Shankie's House of Guns & Spandex

I'm still in the process or re-working some links, but everything's been imported over there. Entries here still exist just in case, but I'd been considering doing this for a while, and the time seemed to be now for a new start; it's only a coincidence scans_daily just made the move there, too. A sign!

So I'll see you over there, or somewhere. ::muah:: I'm still figuring things out, but am more or less settled. It's nice.

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